Sarah Palin Facebook spoof

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Sarah Palin Facebook spoof

Postby Aspman » Tue Oct 07, 2008 11:39 am ... spoof.html

The fake page, in which Mrs Palin's political beliefs are listed as “None – I’m not very political”, has been viewed hundreds of thousands of times since emerging on a humour blog last week.

It includes messages from Vladimir Putin (“I seen you starin at me from across the water”), John McCain (“You’re a woman, right? Are you busy for the next four years?”) and Barack Obama, who thanks her for “all your help” in undermining the Republican White House bid.

Her religious views are listed as “Jesusologist”

That cracks me up

And the Facebook groups Mrs Palin is shown to have joined - including “Never Been Out of North America”, “Evolution Schmevolution” and “Shoot Stuff In The Face Enthusiasts” - are also pointed digs at her outlook and attitude.

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