Old to computers, new to hacking. Having phun so far!

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Old to computers, new to hacking. Having phun so far!

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Mon Mar 17, 2008 3:52 pm

I've read Wireless Hacking Windows XP and it worked great! I bought a refurbed Netgear WG511T which worked fine with the Atheros drivers. The one thing I could add is that you must either be admin, or have admin privledges on the box you are running aircrack on or it will not detect the card. The next thing I noticed is that I don't get data packets frequently enough to bother cracking the IVS file.... so I'll be working on injection next. Anyone recommend a easy tutorial for that using windows? I have alot of hardware (pcs) so I don't mind running multiple machines do to an attack, and I'm also comfortable with VM but I've been reading there are issues with drivers there (only ports USB devices). I do have a Wireless USB NIC, but I don't know the chipset. Its a sweet little Zxytel Wireless Signal detector that doubles as a Wireless NIC. Sometimes I've noticed AirCrack will put a WEP? instead of WEP. What does that mean? Thanks all who are writing these articles!

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Mon Mar 17, 2008 4:04 pm

Hi Andy welcome to Taz.

Can't help myself but head over to the wireless forum there are some extensive discussions on Aircrack and WEP.
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