the US and gun control

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the US and gun control

Post: # 147432Post DaFoxx
Thu Feb 22, 2018 2:24 am

just some thoughts from my good self on this prickly issue

1 - in the aftermath to the latest school shooting in Florida [ Feb 2017 ] it would appear that the president is all for putting armed teachers in place ...............
now, not withstanding that the education system in the US appears to be creaking at the seams with underfunding for pens and paper, and that if you are going to throw millions of $$ at a problem, why not look to the underlying issues too ?
but lets just imagine how this may pan out ...............

I use as my prime example Chris Kyle, THAT Chris Kyle, US SEAL, and all time top scoring sniper
it is said that he recognised the guy who killed him was dangerous, and texted his friend who was in agreement, now BOTH these men were HIGHLY trained in all forms of military training, and were used to being around guns, yet, even though they were BOTH fully aware of the potential from the guy they were there to HELP, neither of them managed to get their carry weapons out and respond .................

my point is, if the lone gun man can take out men such as that, what chance does a teacher have ?

2 - WTF is going on in the states, when conspiracy theory nutjobs are actually condemning the CHILDREN who were there, being shot at, losing friends, and saying that they were actors ...........

should America get its game face on, and actually repeal the 2nd ammendmant, it won't make it illegal to own guns, but that is never going to occur, whilst the NRA are so powerful, and able to control the Govt, who are supposed to serve and PROTECT the PEOPLE, but why in the name of all that is obvious,will they not make a stsand and demand background checks / cooling off periods before people can actually get hold of weapons that wouldn't be out of place in the army ffs

I will leave this here, see if anyone wants to add, be it for aor against, keep it civil, but be prepared to efend your position with FACTS, not BS :shock:

Beware of Geeks bearing GIF's :shock:

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Re: the US and gun control

Post: # 147433Post SirDice
Fri Feb 23, 2018 4:16 pm

Yeah, fighting gun violence by introducing even more guns :-/

And if they have armed teachers, what's stopping a teacher from blowing a fuse and start shooting students? Or, a teacher in trying to shoot an assailant, misses and kills an innocent bystander?

Oh, and don't forget about that other scapegoat they're trying again, it's all the fault of violent video games of course!
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Re: the US and gun control

Post: # 147578Post Egaladeist
Wed May 29, 2019 2:59 pm

The right to bear arms was added to their Constitution during a time they were still worried about another war or invasion. So they wanted everyone to have weapons. It is no longer applicable to today's environment. But Americans love their guns, and find every excuse imaginable to protect their right to own them.

Even if no one really needs an AK-47.

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