Yet a NEW chapter in - Tales!

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Yet a NEW chapter in - Tales!

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Thu May 20, 2010 5:07 am

Yep, something new happened - well, not necessarily new, but new to my aimless meanderings, so it's time for yet another chapter in TALES from the No-Tell Motel!

Dawn broke beautifully cool this morning as I ended yet another dreary night shift filled with facebook gaming and extra blanket and towel fetching. I drove home wearily relieved that the boredom had at last come to an end. My guests were mostly asleep and all was well with the morning lady.

Until, that is, someone's wife showed up...

Now we have a regular here at the No-Tell, whom I'll call Mr. Dooder (hereafter called Mr.D, or Dooder or whatever other semblances seem to strike me as I meander). Mr. D has been coming to our little hotel since well before I became employed here, always pays cash, and usually has a different woman on his arm each time he comes in (averaging twice and sometimes 3 times each week). We give him our best discounted rate since there's never any trouble.

But this morning, our morning lady had trouble from the Dooder - or I should say, his wife. She appeared at the front desk not long after I'd taken that beautiful morning drive home, requesting a key and proving herself to be his wife via ID. Our darling morning lady, although she's been in the hotel business most of her adult life and should've known better, promptly gave her one. Ooops.

Now to her credit, the morning lady DID try to call upstairs to warn Mr. D that the wife was coming up, but it was too late. The wife actually answered the phone, and instead of talking to our morning lady, she proceeded to beat Mr. D upside his head with the receiver. *bang! bang! bang!* was what our morning lady heard, accompanied by a lot of yelling and screaming, then the call disconnected.

A few minutes later, Mr. D contacted the desk and asked the police be called, since the wife had progressed from beating him and the girlfriend out to beating the windows out of their vehicles in the parking lot.

The police arrived, Mr. D's alleged wife (he says ex-wife, and if it wasn't true this morning it'll most certainly be true very soon) was carted off to jail, and Mr. D promptly checked out of the No-Tell, only to be added to our ever growing list of people not to rent to.

My take? Well, that's easy - as a good innkeeper, I've learned to keep my bloody mouth shut about what I see or don't see going on in my hotel when it comes to assorted females, strange hemp smells, etc. I NEVER give a key to anyone except by express permission from whomever rented the room. Our morning lady knew better too, or should have, and should've at least called up there to ask him if she gets a key - unfortunately her common-sense mode just hadn't kicked in this morning.

This is a classic case of what happens when the Hotelier screws up, plain and simple, and it cost us a regular cash-paying guest.

More to come....

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