Fooking Dust

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Fooking Dust

Post: # 131607Post THE Doctor
Sat Sep 26, 2009 7:18 am

/Rant: on
choking and coughing in the middle of a dust storm here..
Sort of thing in my neck of the woods dust storms may happen once or twice in 5 years.. esp during the height of the drought.. Dunno why we call it drought.. our natural climate shows cycles of extreme dry for 3 or 5 years and the same for the wet.. and for where the dust comes from.. well they have wet and dry seasons.. there the dry lasts for 20 years and the wet for one or two..

So the guys west of here (read 500km+) get dust storms like some of us get to go to work.. like one son who is working a station on the north east edge of the simpson desert.. out there, they are overstocked at 1 beast per sq-km, the cows have to learn to digest gravel, chew on the dogs bark.

Well that's there, 1500 km away, not here.. here is par 9 to the coast (well 200km 2.5 hrs drive about the same as my performance on 3-4 holes of golf).
Well in the last 30 years we have had all of 4 dust storms, and before I moved here managed to see 5 or 6 others.. prolly was a live for 4 or 5 more.. .. but FFS that was 200km further west ..

So Wednesday we had a ripper.. wesat images showed a treat the night before.. ripper dust cloud 300-500km wide and over 2000km long (from western Victoria to mid northern territory ) and following a front to the coast. And boy was it a ripper: at the peak the winds topped 90km/hr and the visibility dropped to less than 10m (33ft) and the air was like breathing talc and razor blades.
To describe it as a storm is wrong: it was not a typical storm.. more dust whipped up by strong seasonal westerly winds, the wind was driven by a complex high/low system pressure gradient ... but to hear about it in the media described like a bunch of drunken tazmaniacs rampaging up the coast.. gag.. suppose simple descriptions for simple people.. Yeh.. like the dust storms we used to have.. like a rain/electrical storm.. if you were lucky it was followed by a few drops of water..
This thing had no rain.. just a super fine dust and sand and constant westerly winds..

Oh why the rant.. yeh here we have another of these dust "Storms".. and we had the floor coverings remove in our office and lounge areas.. leaving bare floor boards.. nice wide cracks for the dust to blow through.. and the office has no AC to pressurize it.. so no work in there this afternoon.. and the AC in the lounge is a kilowatt or 10 under-rated and is just on top of it.. but the foot finals are one.. so we need the TV.. buugger.. circuit overload.. it is either breath or footy.... well off with the server and few other un-necessary power suckers.. and we will see if we can breath and watch the footy..

I do wonder what spin the media will put on this one? hmm thats it 5mega-tons of prime ag land blows in... ahhh

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Re: Fooking Dust

Post: # 131630Post Aspman
Mon Sep 28, 2009 10:05 am

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