MESSED UP IRC STUFF HERE!!!1111ononeonoene111

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MESSED UP IRC STUFF HERE!!!1111ononeonoene111

Post: # 128586Post Vorlin
Sat May 02, 2009 5:19 am

(12:11:02 AM) Vorlin: greetings
(12:11:12 AM) kiyoura [] entered the room.
(12:11:44 AM) Tek9 left the room (quit: Ping timeout).
(12:11:50 AM) kiyoura: is u is
(12:11:52 AM) kiyoura: or is u aint
(12:11:54 AM) kiyoura: my baby
(12:12:14 AM) kiyoura: ayee mah niggga glitchy glitchh
(12:12:31 AM) Vorlin: rofl
(12:12:34 AM) Vorlin: that's good shit
(12:12:44 AM) kiyoura: indeed
(12:13:34 AM) kiyoura: glitch I heard you gave wired a bj on teh low
(12:13:50 AM) glitch: lol wtf?
(12:13:58 AM) kiyoura: XD
(12:14:08 AM) glitch: inb4 permaline
(12:14:09 AM) glitch: LOL
(12:14:15 AM) kiyoura: XD
(12:14:21 AM) glitch: .down
(12:14:21 AM) mode (-ao glitch glitch) by ADOX
(12:14:21 AM) Romnous: glitch, don't gline him
(12:14:27 AM) kiyoura: :o
(12:14:27 AM) Romnous: he'll come out with secrets about trainreq
(12:14:31 AM) glitch: Romnous: i <3 him why would i
(12:14:31 AM) kiyoura: rofl
(12:14:35 AM) Romnous: and how he's going to make wired lose 125 dollars
(12:14:39 AM) Romnous: and then he'll blame it on you
(12:14:43 AM) glitch: lol
(12:14:45 AM) Romnous: while you don't have anything to do with it
(12:14:45 AM) kiyoura: lol
(12:14:49 AM) Romnous: because you wouldn't call anyone
(12:14:51 AM) kiyoura: Romnous, flip eh ?
(12:14:51 AM) Romnous: or remove the gline
(12:14:52 AM) Romnous: i swear
(12:14:53 AM) glitch: haha
(12:14:57 AM) Romnous: that's what's going to happen
(12:15:01 AM) glitch: ic
(12:15:04 AM) glitch: noted my friend
(12:15:05 AM) glitch: lol
(12:15:08 AM) Vorlin: I am so you-tubing this
(12:15:12 AM) kiyoura: he's fu**in with wired
(12:15:21 AM) kiyoura: lawd
(12:15:27 AM) kiyoura: and messin wit money
(12:15:33 AM) kiyoura: is like messin wit peoples emotions
(12:15:58 AM) kiyoura: ...sigh
(12:16:16 AM) kiyoura: what happened to this being the internet
(12:16:34 AM) Romnous: i don't even know
(12:16:37 AM) Romnous: Bugabooe, entertain us
(12:16:48 AM) Bugabooe: OH SHIT WELL THEN
(12:16:51 AM) Bugabooe: is flipflop on
(12:16:52 AM) Bugabooe: no
(12:16:53 AM) Bugabooe: damn
(12:16:54 AM) Bugabooe: well
(12:16:56 AM) Romnous: no
(12:16:58 AM) Romnous: he's glined
(12:16:58 AM) Bugabooe: hmm
(12:17:00 AM) Romnous: so he can tell me
(12:17:02 AM) Bugabooe: HAHAHAHAH
(12:17:08 AM) Romnous: he's going to come out with secrets about trainreq
(12:17:08 AM) Bugabooe: AHH FUNNY TURN OF EVENTS
(12:17:10 AM) kiyoura: lol @ flipflop
(12:17:15 AM) Bugabooe: OH
(12:17:15 AM) Romnous: and tell me wired is losing 125 bucks
(12:17:18 AM) Bugabooe: im laughing
(12:17:18 AM) Romnous: because i won't call him
(12:17:22 AM) kiyoura: Romnous lawl
(12:17:26 AM) Romnous: and all that shit
(12:17:28 AM) Bugabooe: oh shit
(12:17:29 AM) Romnous: it's pretty obvious?
(12:17:31 AM) Romnous: it makes sense too?
(12:17:32 AM) Romnous: GOOD.
(12:17:33 AM) Romnous: good.
(12:17:41 AM) ***kiyoura sighs
(12:17:54 AM) Bugabooe: hahaha
(12:17:55 AM) Bugabooe: BRB
(12:17:56 AM) Bugabooe: cigarette
(12:18:01 AM) Romnous: okay go go go
(12:18:07 AM) kiyoura: inb4 lung cancer

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Re: MESSED UP IRC STUFF HERE!!!1111ononeonoene111

Post: # 128587Post imnogeek
Sat May 02, 2009 12:20 pm

Friends of yours Vorlin ? :D
How did you come to that conclusion?

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Re: MESSED UP IRC STUFF HERE!!!1111ononeonoene111

Post: # 128588Post Egaladeist
Sat May 02, 2009 12:54 pm

Was this on Opus' IRC ? :D

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Re: MESSED UP IRC STUFF HERE!!!1111ononeonoene111

Post: # 128592Post Opus
Sat May 02, 2009 2:51 pm

There are two rules for success in life:
Rule 1: Don't tell people everything you know.

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