Firefox Gains Market Share - Firefox 2.0 Beta Released

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Firefox Gains Market Share - Firefox 2.0 Beta Released

Post: # 25991Post Panama Red
Thu Jul 13, 2006 2:39 pm

On the same day that Firefox 2.0 Beta is released stats are out showing Firefox with a strong 12.9% market share. At Firefox actually comes in at a whopping 26%.

An article at is reporting that Firefox continues to gain market share despite the recent IE7 beta appearance. The article indicates that the public is tired of all the security problems with Internet Explorer and having to clean off spyware. They are also impressed by the advanced features that Firefox has to offer.

We're proud to say that at, where our average visitor is probably more tech savvy, 26% of the visitors use Firefox. We thought that was good until we saw that in Germany 39% of users are using Firefox! Good for them.
As you can tell we're pretty Pro_Firefox around here. But we also understand that in a corporate environment its probably easier to lock down Internet Explorer. You also don't want users installing what ever they want on the company computer. But it is something to consider for the next large company roll-out. You'll cut your spyware problem way down.

* You can download the Firefox 2.0 Beta at FirefoxBeta2
* The complete TechWorldNews article. Article


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Post: # 25994Post outerlimit
Thu Jul 13, 2006 2:53 pm

that point about corporate environment is a good one....
i have to use IE at work because thats all thats here, and i'm sure its for that reason. makes it easier to control.

my senior year in high school, they finally got somewhat smart, and disabled us goin to Tools -> Internet Options, so we couldn't place a proxy in there to bypass the filtering system. (I wrote a little .reg file, since we were allowed to execute those, to allow to goto Internet Options again :P) But even without doing that, we could just install firefox and go about doing whatever we wanted.

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Thu Jul 13, 2006 3:20 pm

For probably the past year and a half, I have been including Firefox installs by default on new PC's that I place into service for my users. We're not to that point yet, but I expect that at some point in the future we will be converting to fulltime Firefox usage and essentially dropping IE for all practical purposes (other than where absolutely required). I've been using Firefox since well before v1.0 and am absolutely thrilled with the application. I'm also glad they continue to improve the product, although I've been extremely happy with v1.0 and up...

IE easier to lock down? Maybe for now, but that's only because I have some experience with locking IE and have not put a lot of research in to the ability to lock Firefox down - I'm farily certain it can be done via the XML and CSS behind the scenes - might be a nice little project one of these days...
- Maverick

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