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La Corona

Posted: Tue Mar 17, 2020 9:33 pm
by DaFoxx
OK so we finally post something about the worldwide apocalypse now called COVID-19

daughter now self isolating, because her college is now at less then 50% of students there due to the option to self isolate if there are underlying health issues, she is now in isolation because of MOI :)
I have got four of the traits that make you more liable to fall under COVID's spell, but I am still in work, cos I am not ill [yet :P ]

IMHO, the UK Govt is trapped between the proverbial rock and a hard place
they have decided to close XY+Z but haven't fully closed schools
no public gatherings at all, and they are hoping we get through this by a low level total immersion of the illness, whereby we get immunised en masse, but the death toll will go into the 0's of 000's if not more.
Other countries are going down the lockdown path, which carries one major flaw, once you release the people back onto the streets, NONE of them will have any immunity, and one single infection will put them all back at square one.

SO, UK have taken a bold move, one that WILL cause deaths in the near future, but are hoping that it will allow us to get through this quicker than the rest

everyone else, hoping it will all just go away, and not come back, which is the other issue, this could well become an annual event, like flu, and if you have no immunity - herd or otherwise - we are going to have this worldwide shutdown again in 12 months

meanwhile, I have a bike rally to attend in early May, just the 100 of us, in a field somewhere in UK, but that too, is looking like it will not happen, which is going to send me stir crazy :shock: :hysterical:

Re: La Corona

Posted: Sat Mar 28, 2020 12:03 am
by DaFoxx
SO, here I am, now having to WFH, even though I now have papers to show Police that I am an essential worker, and authorised to travel to and from work
Co has shit out, and switched to the full WFH bollox, we are not prepared, took me three HOURS to sort the connections out, and the whole WFH is awful, I actually miss the office :shock: :hysterical:

we have to take calls on a cell, and no head sets, so grabbing details is awkward, and it is slow, fortunately, we can't access one network, so that is having to be done by the offshore team, who only used to cover it for office hours Mon to Fri, so they will be happy :P

anyhow, still breathing, the toll increases day by day, seriously worried we will see deaths into the tens of thousands in most European countries before this has peaked, and there is always next years varient to be wary of too :(

so stay safe all
catch you on the flip side
and here's to getting out and having a healthy beer or ten once this is over

Re: La Corona

Posted: Fri Apr 03, 2020 12:17 am
by DaFoxx
well, still around, and another not dead yet day has arrived and left again, this year, although quiet, is in reality no different to the last ten or so :shock:

still WFH, on nights ATM, this will pass, we will be going out again, and I for one, will STILL stay in :hysterical:

Re: La Corona

Posted: Sat Apr 11, 2020 9:47 pm
by DaFoxx
UK has just under 1000 a DAY dead
USA has 2000 a day dead

the worlds gone mad, all those who were going on about this just being the flu, the flu kills around six HUNDRED people a YEAR in the UK,
our health service is under strain because we set it to run for the norm, so it can cope with the standard numbers of injured and dead people on a daily basis, it can accommodate increases to the levels too, but the corona has gone all out to take all available slack, and stretch that too, it isn't just the 000's dead that are the concern, it's the 00's of 000's of infected that are the main concern, at least we [ UK ] have a national health to care for us, fuck knows how the US will cope with this, as they appear to have different states having differing strategies, and NO single, free at point of contact, health service, because that, apparently is socialism, yet the one's screaming socialist the loudest are also queuing up for their slice of the Govt money in the form of cheques, although news is still scarce on anyone actually getting anything as yet, another trait of PotUS45, promise anything, deliver nothing

why the fuck can't the US just adopt the same reasoning that allows them to cover their entire military with top quality health care, or don't the people matter in this ?

and in other news, WFH is no longer such a bad thing, it has sort of grown on me, we get calls through the night, as usual, but it is saving me several tanks of fuel a month not having to travel.

But the oddest thing is no one is accepting cash ......... it all has to be on a contactless card if you have it, I only have my credit card, so that is getting battered in this time of need, but at least I can make payments against it once I get paid.

Anyway, stay safe out there
see you on the other side

Re: La Corona

Posted: Sun Apr 12, 2020 7:28 pm
by DaFoxx
UK now has passed the 10 000 dead mark :(

still not showing any real signs of slowing, let alone stopping
my WFH has been nominally set for SIX MONTHS ........

UK appears to be full of thick as shit types who think they are invulnerable, but fail to realise that they will be carrying the virus around, and [ I HOPE ] killing off their entire bloodline :shock:

started to relay the flags in my front drive, no real reason, just something to do
it HURTS cos the flags are 3'x2' are 2" thick, weigh over 120 lbs and are determined NOT to move easily
but it will look neater once complete, belay that, it had BETTER look neater once completed

stay safe all

Re: La Corona

Posted: Mon Apr 27, 2020 9:08 pm
by DaFoxx
so now we UK have passed the 20 000 dead mark, and that is just the ones they are aware of, the probability exists that there is up to another 10 000 out there, not assigned to COVID, however the deaths for UK in general, for the period mid March to mid April for LAST year was 12 000 dead, the same period THIS year is 18 000 dead, so we are looking at the death spiral being at least a 50% higher than the usual, and looking like it will get higher too :(

the UK thick as shits are still out in force, sadly the virus hasn't got into them as fast as I would have hoped :( just the usual victims, underlying health issues, or NHS staff working up close and personal :shock:

and my driveway not completed, as I managed to let one of the big HEAVY feckers fall over, and land on my foot, so my LEFT leg is dud from the bike crash, and you can probably guess the flagstone landed on my RIGHT foot, so walking is limited, and WFH appears to be a god send at moment as I couldn't get about if it was a normal time tbh :hysterical:

Re: La Corona

Posted: Sun May 10, 2020 11:29 pm
by DaFoxx
still WFH, still not completed the driveway, it ISN'T because it's a huge drive, more of the I'm a lazy twat TBH :shock: :hysterical:

the world is still spinning, but the fates of the inhabitants are seemingly entwined with the lowest common denominator now, which is NOT a good look
waiting for Africa as a whole to collapse in on itself, as their health services are not exactly pandemic ready, are patchy at best, and for this virus the best HAS to be given

North Korea, that bastion of hope and truth, is still denying they have ANY COVID infections
and China STILL saying they are on top of their outbreak, and are totally telling the truth on numbers, saying they have 'only' had 3 000 dead, and around the 80 000 infected, meanwhile the US has THAT higher figure in DEAD alone already, so how can China say they are being truthful in respects to their figures when Europe, with their systems of social health care set ups are struggling, could it be the CCP are lying again :shock:

anyhow, I am back in work, not AT work tomorrow / Monday night, and will be trying to complete the driveway before May ends LOL

Stay safe all, we will overcome, the pubs WILL be open again, they WILL allow us to ride our bikes too :)

Re: La Corona

Posted: Thu May 14, 2020 2:55 pm
by Aspman
Been self isolating or distancing since feckin March. Going slowly mad.

Parents haven't been able to see their grandaughter yet.
SO gran is unlikely to live long enough to be able to see her new great grandaughter

The world will never be the same again, work are trying to determin what the new normal will be. We did some awesome work pivoting 7% WFH to 75% in 4 weeks. We were lucky systems wer ein place that could be scaled up. Hopefully that will stop IT being outsourced for a few years.

Re: La Corona

Posted: Mon May 18, 2020 12:25 pm
by DaFoxx
holy crap, Hi there Aspman dear boy, it is SO good to hear from you again, been a while :)
glad to see you are still with us, how's the little one ? how has your life progressed since the last time we were in contact ?
you, out of all of us, had a really shitty time, hoping that is behind you now

I too, am now in my 8th week of isolation, sat in my bedroom, go out to get shopping and that is it
work managed to go from a standing start of "we can't have this work done from home" to "EVERYONE WFH NOW" practically overnight, we got some niggles, but I am only a mere service desk guy in this job, so the fun and games went to some other poor fecker :hysterical:

Re: La Corona

Posted: Tue May 19, 2020 1:18 pm
by DaFoxx
so back to work again tonight, another four rivetting nights to be spent staring at the screen waiting for something to happen :)

I am trying to sort my garden out on the days off, so far I have managed to drop a flagstone on my one good foot, and do my back yet more damage, still, the garden is looking better - he feckin LIED :hysterical:

life here still on a day to day basis, not enough money to do things I would like to do, yet the situation means leaving is not a viable option either, so suck it up and carry on :shock:
only got a few years till retirement now too, and if I thought money was tight NOW, the prospect of trying to survive on the pittance I have left is sobering to say the least
still, I will get through, and so long as I can still ride out to the odd rally, it will all be worth it

stay safe all

Re: La Corona

Posted: Mon Oct 12, 2020 6:57 pm
by Egaladeist
I admit that when my daughter first told me about Covid-19, back in March, I didn't take it seriously, like who expected it to become a world-wide pandemic killing almost a million people so far. Not that it surprises me...I've been saying for years ( decades ) that if we didn't have another major war soon that nature would take matters into her own hands.

It wouldn't surprise me either if it morphed into becoming air-borne and went on a major killing spree.

Re: La Corona

Posted: Sun Nov 15, 2020 3:22 am
by DaFoxx
so here, UK, we are in our second lockdown, we have just passed 50 000 dead, and our infections are rising, meanwhile, the thick as shits are still in denial, as it is obviously a plot of some sort ...................

still WFH, in work NOW as it happens, finish in morning, off for four days, rinse and repeat
had NO rallies this year, each one cancelled
still sat in me little house, trying to keep positive
but it DO get harder to maintain that facade, when you see the thick as shits still playing a blinder, and NOT DYING :shock:

any how, back to work
stay safe all
hopefully we will be back in the business of being normal one day, but no longer taking bets on WHEN that will be

Re: La Corona

Posted: Thu Nov 26, 2020 10:20 am
by Egaladeist
This coming will be the first XMAS during a pandemic. Don't imagine there's gonna be a lot of family gatherings.

Canada has been, for the most part, spared the high infected and death tolls. But then we don't have a lot of people to begin with and they're pretty spread out over a large area, with the exception of our few major Cities. At last count 347,466 cases with 11,710 deaths. That's fewer cases and deaths than just the State of Illinois.

I feel bad for parents with young kids, and young kids, when I was a kid we were always out n' about socializing, playing sports, getting into mischief, hanging out, can't even imagine having to grow up in an environment where you have to wear a mask every place you go. Not that kids today were as social as we were, hell when i was a kid you could barely go down a side street where there wasn't a street hockey game going on, or a park that wasn't being used, I remember having to wait in line to use a baseball field. Even before covid kids were shut ins, parks are empty, hardly ever come across a street hockey game, but to grow up in a pandemic sheeeeeeesh nothing i'd wish upon anyone.