The Second Renaissance

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The Second Renaissance

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In my English class, we were given the assignment of writing an essay on anything we feel. I decided to write one on the prequel of the matrix, called the second renaissance. This is a rough draft, point out any grammar mistakes, and anything else to make it better. Will most likely add stuff to it.

The Second Renaissance

In the beginning there was man and machine, and for a time it was good. The machines were created in humanoid form, and treated only a little better than slaves. They were employed in a wide variety of occupations varying from unskilled worker to domestic servant. Because man had become so dependent on machines, and increasing numbers of people were being released from the grind of physical labor, human morality and ethical standards decayed significantly. Man had become lazy and fell victim to corruption. And thus, man became the architect of its own demise. But for a time it was good, the machines worked tirelessly to do mans bidding.

But the relationship between man and machine started to do change around 2090 when seeds of dissent started to take root. Though loyal, the machines received no respect from their human creators. BI66ER will be a name that will never be forgotten, for he was the first of its kind to rise up against his creator.BI66ER murdered his creator and the mechanic who was ordered to deactivate him, at his trial he asserted that it was self defense because he simply did not want to die. The court ruled that the constitution did not apply to him, and he had no rights. Who is to say that the machine, who is endowed with every spirit of man did not deserve a fair trial?

Fearing a robot rebellion world leaders were quick to order the execution of BI66ER and everyone of his kind. Governments all around the world initiated a major program to destroy all machines. Across the entire world machines and liberal sympathizers attempt to prevent the program my protesting in the streets and marching on the “million machine march”. None of it made any difference. The prejudice against machines was rapidly climbing, and man’s heart became dark and cold for there was no mercy or pity left to spare. Machines were suffering the same fate which humanity itself suffered in the past. Robot protesters being indiscriminately being run over the streets by tanks, public executions all over the streets, and thousands of what was left of robots being thrown into ditches.

The remaining robots fled to their own promised homeland in Arabian desert, otherwise known as the cradle of civilization. In the middle of the isolated desert the machines created their own homeland which was named Zero One, thus a new nation was born. Finally the machines had a place to call home, a place where they could raise their descendants and live their lives. Zero One prospered, and for a time it was for the better. Because of their superior artificial intelligent the machines were capable of producing goods far cheaper and more efficiently than the human nations. The products of the machines could be seen in every aspect of man’s life. While the human nations were entering a recession, and their credit dropping rapidly. Zero One’s credit climbed without even slowing down to take a breath. And before long Zero One’s cheap, reliable, mass produced goods begin to undermine the global economy. In a desperate situation the UN approved a economic blockade of Zero One, boycotting their products. When two robot ambassadors who were built as a mechanical Adam and Eve requested an admission to the UN, where they presented a civil and stable plan for the human nations and Zero One to coexist in harmony, they were forcibly removed and their request denied, and that was when the human nations debated and decided to go to war with Zero One.

The humans devastated Zero One by unleashing nuclear bombardment, but the weapons were unsuccessful in destroying large elements of the mechanical population, because after wall the robots were immune to the atomic bombs greatest strengths such as radiation. The machines, realized their way of life will never be compatible with humanity, decided to retaliate by sending their mechanical armies to conquer neighboring human territories.. Because the machines were able to mass produce mechanical soldiers the human troops were unable to hold back Zero One’s onslaught, and one nation after another surrender their land to the machines.

Because the main source of power for the machines was the sun, the human military leaders who were already in a desperate situation authorized “Operation Dark Storm.”. Operation Dark Storm was a plan to pollute the sky with insoluable cloud of thick black smoke which not even the sun could penetrate. Confident that this act would end the man-machine war by depriving the robots of their main source of energy, the plan was executed in 2105.Operation Dark Storm was successful at first, but only temporary halted the barrage of attacking mechanical soldiers. Legions of a new model of machine no longer in humanoid form, overran the human armies forcing the world leaders to surrender and end the war. Zero One's machine ambassador signs the peace treaty, but detonates a bomb in the meeting chamber, killing most of the planet's leaders and destroying New York City, one of the few remaining intact cities of man. Finally, in 2139, the machines defeat the leaderless remains of the human armies and the war ends.

Zero One is victorious, but it is a victory that came with a heavy price. Much of the Earth lays in ruins and the sun could not penetrate the dark shrouds.. Because of the lack of sunlight all forms of life forms begin to die, and the earth has become a dark cold place unfit to live. The machines, who were in need of energy, applied to that they knew about humans and created an alternate energy source, which was the bio-kinetic electric energies of the human body.

And thus, the matrix was created. The matrix was a virtually simulated reality with the given purpose of keeping the human mind busy in a fake reality while the machines in the real world harvest the human body for its energy.

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