Out of the Ashes

If you have something interesting to say as a writer and it's readable, or just have an opinion on a good book you read...why not put it here so we can enjoy it with you...
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Out of the Ashes

Post: # 147711Post Egaladeist
Tue Jun 04, 2019 5:48 am

I once contemplated the possibility of writing a novel. Which, over time, became a screenplay, and then evolved into maybe an E-Book. Even signed up an account on Kindle. Even had a cover design in mind that you can see here http://www.thebikerzone.net/ ( although parts of it are obscured on purpose ).

Typical apocalyptic story but with a twist, which I obviously can't reveal in a public forum. Problem was it just took up too much time. I thought about going the Go Fund Me route to generate the capital I would need to concentrate solely upon getting it done, but those funding programs looked too much like a pain in the ass.

So far no one's come up with the same angle I was shooting for. Maybe one day I'll finish it, but I doubt it.

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Re: Out of the Ashes

Post: # 147714Post DaFoxx
Sun Jun 09, 2019 4:22 pm

maybe keep on adding notes at least, polish the characters, plots etc, and one day, as you say, it may be your time :)
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