Dead Set (E4)

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Dead Set (E4)

Post: # 126621Post MistyPaws
Wed Feb 25, 2009 11:52 pm

Anybody watch E4's Dead Set which aired back in the autumn? Some good actors were in it, Davina McCall played herself and that narrator bloke Marcus Bentley was doing his voiceovers. Liz May Brice from Resident Evilpopped in,shame she didn't survive. I love Jamie Winstone and Patrick the BB Producer was so awful, when he pooped in that bin in the green room I laughed my socks off especially as he was trapped in there with the Scottish housemate that he detested, apparently the fictional housemates and BB crew were based on real people. Nice to see ex-housemates from previous series gathered for a reunion.

The dialogue was brilliant and the whole thing including actor's lines was written by the brilliant Charlie Brooker. The ending was so horrible though, I just wanted them to survive and be rescued by the army or something, anyway I have to stop watching zombie films because this Dead Set gave me nightmares and it plays on my mind. As a result that Mika songs now scares me, I can't look at the website without feeling nauseous, however that fictional house was the nicest BB house I have ever seen!

Anyone else here see it and what did you think?

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Re: Dead Set (channel 4)

Post: # 126636Post Aspman
Thu Feb 26, 2009 10:06 am

A saw the last episode. It looked good, like Shawn of the Dead a bit.

My Dad recorded the whole lot he thought it was great. anything where BB contestants meet a gruesome end is good.
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