Hurricane Carter Guilt Revisited

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Hurricane Carter Guilt Revisited

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Fri Nov 07, 2008 10:19 pm

OK...the first time I watched this movie was a long time ago and I was watching for the enjoyment of it...I prefer true story or based upon a true story movies more than outright fiction...just like I prefer my music eg. a ' day in the life ' over ' she loves you ya ya ya '...

but it'd been awhile so i popped in in again as I was working...and I noticed some things...mostly that he no longer looked innocent to me...

the movie itself was obviously very pro-innocent...very much on the side of another innocent black man getting railroaded by the establishment and put in prison unjustly...


the movie, once you strip away the emotional strings, actually does more to prove his guilt than his innocence...

both men were eventually released having the cases dropped...but not because they were found innocent...but rather because of a technicality.

Ruben ' the hurricane ' Carter was more than likely guilty by the very evidence presented in the movie or the fact some vital evidence was excluded from the movie because it would detract from his innocence.

The movie plays on the villainous nature of the cop, and alludes to some kind of conspiracy or vendetta, but...

as sinister as the movie tries to portray the cop the cop actually comes off pretty decent as far as cops go in the 1960's toward black youth and men...he's not overtly racist, doesn't beat or main Ruben as a kid or as an adult...doesn't seem to have influenced his penal stay by making him spend years in solitary, fact there are no suggestions at all that he was even physically abused by the police as a child or as an adult...
during a period of time when brutality against blacks was common-place.

When Ruben was re-arrested by the cop he was not taken away in leg-irons and beaten within an inch of his life for escaping...he was simply told he had to finish out his sentence and was taken away...there isn't even any mention in the movie that he was given an extended sentence for just cuts to the scene where he is released...a free man...

in the 1960' difficult would it have been to keep a black man in jail indefinitely on false charges...I don't imagine it would have been difficult at difficult would it have been for that cop to arrange a prison stabbing and have it blamed on Ruben and just keep him in prison...I don't imagine it would have been difficult at all...

even though the movie plays a great deal on emotion once you strip that emotion away all these conspiracy or villainous traps that the movie wants you to believe in actually show that all-in-all the treatment he received from the cop, the warden, and the guards was especially decent given the times...or any time.

Then's there's the matter of the bullets...that was conveniently left out of the movie...when they stopped Ruben and his friend and arrested them...there were shell-casings in the car that matched the gun and the shotgun used in the shooting.

Could they have been planted...possibly...but why would they be...we have already established that there was no conspiracy against him...or it was the nicest conspiracy ever recorded in modern history.

Ruben 'the hurricane ' Carter

Guilt Index: 95% possibility that he did do it

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